A Sleek, Sculpted Upper Body

“A Sleek, Sculpted Upper Body”

Sculpting the body is a matter of knowing your body. Did you know that we humans each have our own body composition and we should work accordingly? Some people are meant to be big boned, others wiry-looking and others a combination of the two.

Would you ever give a lion fruit as a meal? Maybe he would eat it, but is it good for him? Probably not. Lions are carnivorous – they eat meat and they are meant to eat meat.

The physiology of humans has gone relatively untouched throughout thousands of years despite evolution. And humans are designed to eat certain things to keep our bodies in good working order and be as attractive as possible naturally.

So, it’s your job to find out how to optimize your human design. What did humans eat 1,000 years ago? How about 200 years ago? And what makes you feel good or bad after eating it? What make you feel moody or a peaceful is a clue to what is right for your metabolic type.

As you eat right for your metabolic type, you will see how your body responds to your exercise program and how quickly you respond for recovery times. And, in the end, you’ll likely discover you have more time and energy for fun… with your newly sculpted body.

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The author, Migdoel “DIO” Miranda, B.S., CMT of Dio Fitness, is an authority on optimizing peak performance at any age through accessing one’s inner athlete, metabolic nutrition and personalized training routines. He works with amateur and professional competitive athletes, celebrities and health-conscious people who desire to enjoy life more through healthy commitments. Dio believes that getting out of the gym is a key to life-long fitness. Visit his website at www.diofitness.com .

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