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Athletic Training – $120/hr

Athletic training or sports specific training are programs developed specifically to improve your performance in a particular sport or activity.

This level of training is appropriate for either amateur or professional competitive athletes. The key distinction for this type of training program is that each movement of that particular sport is considered, broken down into its primal movements and approached on a gradient scale to increase your strength and agility in the sport.

For example, baseball players who desire to increase the speed of their pitch and running bases will naturally want to do a weight routine. The problem is that many of the workout routines that they adopt will be optimal for a football player, adding mass, but not to increasing their flexible responses for increased speed.

Competitive athletes require that their muscles and movements fire in a particular sequence to optimize performance. A workout program that does not consider the micro-movements and specific performance needs, in the context of their physique, will either not help them increase their performance or could even detract from their performance by working a muscle improperly.

Athletic personal training sessions are often combined with NMT-Style Massage for targeted muscle areas to release tension and increase flexibility.

Athletic training sessions begin with an assessment of your body’s needs and functionality within your sport to design a customized program; once that is completed, personal training sessions are conducted with the appropriate intensity and acute attention to form to ensure peak performance ‘on the field’.

Note: 60-minute athletic training sessions may include NMT-Style Massage and ten minutes of professionally monitored stretching for cool down.

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