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Dio Miranda Helps To Heal The ATA Athletes

Migdoel ‘Dio’ Miranda came to the Austin Tennis Academy (ATA) community to help heal the ATA athletes through a system he calls corrective exercise – to correct the stress that we put our bodies through on a daily basis, and body spot work – to relieve the sources of pain and inflammation.
“Corrective exercise is correcting movements and posture,” Dio said.
Dio got into athletics at a young age like many successful trainers and coaches. Since he was a young boy in Puerto Rico, Dio’s dream was always to become a professional baseball player. When he realized the dream may be out of reach, Dio transferred his passion for athletics to helping other people with similar athletic goals. In high school, he was a track and field athlete, and shared this knowledge to train many athletes at the beginning.
“I began my career by training other people with my knowledge,” Dio said. “If I’m putting so much stress on the body, then I wanted to learn how to de-stress the body.”
Dio went on to study metabolic nutrition, massage therapy and became a fitness trainer through the prestigious CHEK Institute. Dio is a graduate of the Florida College of Natural Health, a Certified Massage Therapist; he is a High-Performance Exercise Kinesiologist and holds dual degrees in Physical Education and Special Education. Dio does not push his services, he helps when he is needed. This is something he learned from a mentor in his life, Paul Chek.
“Paul Chek, founder of renowned CHEK Institute, was someone that I admired that was cut and dry. He encouraged people to not believe him, but to try it, and see. He never pushed his services,” Dio said.
Dio came to ATA after spending years in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida creating his own training facility, Dio Fitness. He then met Mark Herbert, former ATA trainer and fellow CHEK Institute alum, who invited Dio to ATA because he did something Mark didn’t, corrective exercise and body spot work. Upon arriving to ATA, Dio began working directly with ATA CEO Coach Jack Newman. He made such an impression on Coach Newman through his work that he was given the opportunity to begin working with the entire ATA community.
“Jack opened the door to ATA for me and that meant a lot,” Dio said.
Dio now works with ATA athletes on a more regular basis using the Dio Power Balance System-a system composed of nutritional, physical and emotional parts to correct the foundations required to take the next steps to towards ones goals. Dio’s mentor Paul Chek taught him the importance of not only looking at the physical side of a person.
“I ask a lot of questions because I want to know the root of the issue,” Dio said.
Dio explained that he modifies a program for a person based on their individual history and needs. Every person has different genes and different backgrounds, therefore he takes these circumstances into consideration before implementing his approach.
“…..If you are not assessing your athlete, then you are guessing,” Dio said.
The ATA philosophy takes each athlete and develops a path based on his or her specific circumstances. Dio takes a very similar approach by taking into account all aspects of a person, not just the physical.
“People have different nutritional needs based on their genes,” Dio said. “You have to assess your athlete and sometimes regress to basic exercises until the athlete is ready to do high-level training.”
Coach Newman, other coaches, athletes (including myself), and many other members of the ATA community have experienced Dio’s approach to corrective exercise and body spot work and have expressed nothing but positive reactions.
“Although in the moment it may feel slightly painful, afterwards, you feel relieved of all your pain,” said Payton Holden, ATA College Prep student.

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