DVD – Essential Movements of Baseball

Now YOU Can Train For Baseball To Swing Harder, Run Faster And Have Explosive Energy On The Playing Field With A Master Workout Program Designed Specifically For Baseball Players!

A 21-Minute DVD That Shows Specific, Simple, Targeted Exercises and A Sample Foundational Workout For Baseball Players To Gain Strength, Flexibility and Power

Aspiring junior athletes tend to push themselves physically to prepare for playing baseball and softball. However, most workouts easily available are for other sports, which work different muscle sets in different ways, and are not optimal in conditioning a ‘baseball’ body.

Improper conditioning can lead to increased risk for injury, a limited range of motion where it counts and repetitive conditioning for muscles that aren’t as necessary in playing baseball. While not necessarily a waste of time in overall conditioning, it doesn’t help an amateur athlete who wants to compete in baseball.

In this 21-minute video, you will see 18 exercises and a revolutionary sample workout that accurately targets and conditions the muscles any baseball player must build for maximum performance on the field – and in a way that prevents injury.

Excel As A Special Player

As a former baseball player myself, I’ve been coaching and training amateur and pro athletes for more than a decade to optimize their performance. When I was training as a player, I did the best of what was available then but knew it didn’t help me get the results I wanted to swing harder, run faster and throw harder. Since then, I’ve attained recognition as an Exercise Coach and a Performance Enhancement Specialist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and CHEK III certification.

The bottom line is that you can’t be a special player by doing the same training as other sports. If you want to get to the next level, you don’t need to only practice the game but to train your body specifically for what you want to do. This is what Essential Movements for Baseball- The Road to Playing Healthy offers to you!

You MUST Master The Basics!

This program was created with the intention of helping athletes to play the game with less injuries and setbacks and to understand how the human body moves. If done properly, these exercises can help build a solid foundation for individuals to excel in the sport and play at higher levels than their competition.

In order to advance in levels for anything in life, you must master the basics.  This Essential Movements for Baseball- The Road to Playing Healthy could be your path to bigger scholarships, better knowledge of how your body work and visibility with baseball scouts.

Even more, Essential Movements for Baseball- The Road to Playing Healthy prepares you with a stronger foundation so when you play at the professional level, you will be comfortable in your body, primed for action and know how to get the most out of your physical capabilities on the field.

You depend on your body to play the game… take care of it and get the best out of it by understanding how it moves best functionally and how to condition it optimally with a workout routine designed specifically for baseball players. In fact, you’ll hear two major league baseball players talk about this routine and how important it is to prevent injury.

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So, watch Essential Movements for Baseball- The Road to Playing Healthy once all the way through, take notes and then hit the gym or the park (depending on what level of training is best for you). Then keep going for the next six weeks because then you will see how your body responds through better balance, greater strength and the feeling of being in proper shape when you step on the field to play baseball.

Essential Movements for Baseball- The Road to Playing Healthy is available either as an easy, immediate download or as a hard copy you will receive in the mail. Either way is the path to the better baseball player in you.

To order your copy of Essential Movements for Baseball- The Road to Playing Healthy now for just $29.99, click on the purchase link below.

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(Please note: If you order the hard copy version, know that it will take up to ten days for you to receive it due to shipping.)

My Guarantee: I’ve worked with both amateur and elite competitive athletes for more than a decade and I know this routine will create powerful results when you follow it. However, if you are not satisfied with the results you get from this video workout within 21 days of purchase, please let me know and I will make it right.

Get started now – click this purchase link as the first step on your path to playing healthy!!!

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