Inner Athlete Consultation

Inner Athlete Consultation – $150/hr

One of the most overlooked keys to optimal fitness for peak performance is your ‘Inner Athlete’.

Your Inner Athlete is based on your mindset, beliefs about your own abilities and sets the parameters for your capacity to increase your performance.

It’s vital to listen deeply in order to access and understand your Inner Athlete.

For example, if your goal is to run a marathon but your Inner Athlete is operating with a fear of knee strain, you will find it difficult to run a marathon.

Another example is if you choose to increase your throwing speed or increase your range of motion, you can easily do it through visualization which activates your Inner Athlete to see it as already done.

Your Inner Athlete is sensitive to all parts of you – everything from your beliefs to your behaviors. When your Inner Athlete supports your peak performance, your fitness will be better and you will perform with better results.

To access your Inner Athlete, it’s important to take the time to understand what is really happening within on a holistic level.

This is about your visions, goals and how you truly feel about yourself. It’s about your personal path to greater fitness. And it’s about having compassion for the parts of you that feel like they’re not lining up quite right… because that’s where your Inner Athlete is asking for new awareness and conditioning.

Inner Athlete sessions can be conducted in-person or via Skype.

Note: There is an initial assessment prior to having a 60-minute Inner Athlete session.

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