The purpose of his book is to raise your awareness of the power of your mind, the power of forgiveness, the power of self-love, and to show you that the path to true fitness is to get physically fit outside the gym in natural environments.

I am not against gym environments per se, because they have been a big part of my life and success as an athlete. However, I am much more supportive of doing the inner work that makes the outer results a lot easier to achieve, whether you are a professional athlete or just want to feel good.  There are times when lifting weights and traditional training techniques can be beneficial.

Lifting heavy things is cool and reveals part of you, but lifting yourself from the inside out demonstrates a much greater capacity for true fitness. It is what I call the path of ‘interior fitness’.  What resides in your interior is what is reflected in your exterior.  Your interior fitness is the secret ingredient to having the inner edge on living your life to your peak performance daily.


This book is best read with an open mind. If you continue to think the same thoughts you have always had, you will continue to get the same results. By expanding your perspective and learning a new way of thinking, you can change your fitness results. Embrace the innocent sensation of a beginner’s mind in order to allow these new ideas to penetrate into your workout experience.


The best thing about this book is that it gives me the chance to show others how I have made myself a better person by incorporating these concepts into my own daily life.  Allow yourself to likewise be inspired to move your heart in new ways, which will reshape your life and your body. Then, share these new concepts with the people you love, so that they can reshape their lives and their bodies to be and feel their
best too.


To Your Interior Fitness

Migdoel “Dio” Miranda

Celebrity Trainer & Founder, DioFitness, Inc.

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