Metabolic Typing

Metabolic Typing

Metabolic Typing – $300/hr

The key outcomes for metabolic nutrition are to balance your emotions, physical being, mood and energy with real food based on your body’s requirements for optimal function.

By eating the right foods for your metabolic type and by eating the right macronutrients ratios at each meal, you will optimize cellular energy production.

In other words, you will be optimally fulfilling the very reason for eating – to get proper nutrition to fuel your body’s operation.

As a result, in a very simple, easy and natural way, your appetite should normalize, cravings for sweets should disappear, your mind should be alert, your emotions should balance, your mood should lift, and your energy levels and physical performance should improve.

Metabolic Typing begins with an extensive online assessment which takes into consideration your current physical condition, habits, patterns and cravings of your food intake as it is now. These are important indicators of your body’s optimal food requirements.

Once we understand what your body is seeking, we create a personalized nutrition plan that feeds your cellular structure completely and nutritiously while fitting into your lifestyle.

While there may be some adaptation in the beginning of developing new habits, Metabolic Typing is about as effortless as it gets to reach your ideal body weight and functional wellness.

As you work with your metabolic nutrition plan, additional personal sessions are made available to answer questions, provide back-up support for motivation and assess your overall nutritional fitness.

Note: the pre-assessment is required prior to meeting for a Metabolic Typing Session.

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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Hair Tissue Analysis – $175/hr

A hair tissue mineral analysis is a screening test that measures the mineral content in your hair as a blueprint of your biochemistry.

This reveals important information about your tolerances for sugar and carbohydrates, energy levels, metabolism, stress levels caused by toxins, immune system function and glandular activity.

Think of your hair as a sample over time of the mineral activity in your body. As your hair grows, minerals are deposited into the hair and, over time, provide a chronological history of your biochemistry. The longer your hair, the greater the available history about your body’s biochemistry.

This type of analysis requires a small sample of your hair, which is sent in to a laboratory that analyzes it. Once the lab work is complete, the lab sends a report that shows the mineral ratios present; this report is the basis of additional strategies for your optimal wellness.

With the report as a guide, a personalized nutrition plan is created. This plan may include supplements, recommendations on eating habits, methods of preparing foods and more. The result is that you are now feeding your biochemistry exactly what  / when  / how it wants nutrition for optimal functioning.

Note: A hair sample is required in advance of a 60-minute personal Hair Tissue Minerals Analysis session.

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