NMT-Style Massage

Style Spot Massage – $110/hr

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is used to assess, treat and prevent soft tissue injuries and chronic pain. It is often used in physical therapy, occupational medicine and naturopathic treatment practices.

A form of massage that uses pressure applied to a myofascial trigger point, or bundle of muscular knots, NMT can release knotted tension, alleviate muscular pain and release pressure on nerves.

Particular focus is put on finding the source of referred pain, including any enabling influences and eliminating them, while paying attention to correct negative patterns in posture and movement.

The amount of force used must be great enough to override the muscular signal causing the trigger point.

Dio Fitness uses NMT as a powerful tool to support optimal flexibility, strength and fitness.

Note: NMT allows the client to wear shorts or yoga pants; for women, a sports bra is recommended for optimal access to affected muscles. Additionally, NMT can be performed on-site at your location.

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