Personal Training

Personal Training – $120/hr

It has been said that the fastest way to change your life is to move your body. In the Dio Power Balance system, understanding your body’s personal needs for fitness – and then following through – are vital to peak performance.

A personal training routine with Dio Fitness ensures that you will get the results tailored to exactly what your body requires for optimal function. Contrary to standard, or generic, workout routines, the emphasis is not on pushing through tough workouts while a trainer barks orders at you.

Instead, your workout will be designed specifically for your body’s needs and tolerances, with your personal goals and lifestyle being major considerations. It’s matching the inner body mechanics with the outer movements that creates the greatest results.

Regardless of your fitness level, or the decisions you’ve made about your fitness up until now, the only thing that matters is that you make a new commitment to your self-care starting now. It’s truly the moment that matters.

Personal training with Dio Fitness begins with the creation of a completely customized workout design program, tailored to your body’s needs, fitness level and performance targets.

Then, to ensure that you’re doing the right exercises with the right form, there is individual assistance for your regular workouts. This level of support helps you to safely push your limits to accelerate your results AND provide motivation for those days when you don’t feel like working out.

Make the decision to change your life and get fit – Dio Fitness is on stand-by to help.

Note: 60-minute personal training sessions conclude with 10 minutes of professional stretching.

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