The only corner in the world that you can change for sure is your own.

Changing yourself does not only involve a physical transformation, but also means modifying your attitude and personal behaviors.

DioFitness is founded and built upon the belief that everyone has the ability to optimize their individual potential if they receive the proper amount of support, training, information and encouragement.

In that spirit, here are a number of resources and articles to support you in changing your perceptions, making new choices and enjoying your best level of fitness for peak performance.


The Power of Primal Movements

Working In

Circadian Rhythms—Are They Important or Not?

Food, the Fuel of Life?

You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty!

Power Balance: The Missing Link for Speakers and other Travelling Professionals

Hypoglycemia and Sports

What has your thyroid done for you lately?

A Sleek, Sculpted Upper Body

The Laughing Thing


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