Dio Miranda is an internationally-recognized fitness and peak performance expert, trainer and sought-after coach for amateur and professional competitive athletes, celebrities and health-conscious fitness enthusiasts.

As a former pro baseball player, he knows the rewards of fitness personally. And as an authority on getting positive results quickly, he supports people in living healthier by keeping habits simple and integrating body, mind and spirit in practical ways.

Originally a Puerto Rican national who was recruited by Lambuth University in Jackson, Tennesee to play college baseball, Dio found himself more and more intrigued by what gives the ordinary person incredible health. He went on to study metabolic nutrition, specialized massage therapy and became a Level III fitness trainer through the prestigious CHEK Institute.

He is also a graduate of the Florida College of Natural health, a certified NMT massage therapist, a high-performance exercise Kinesiologist and holds dual degrees in physical education and special education.

Dio goes against the industry grain with some of his most profound teachings:

  • – un-doing is more important than ‘doing’ fitness,
  • – eliminating stress is easy – remove the stressor and the stress disappears!, and
  • – it’s more important to work in than work out.

Given Dio’s penchant for living life to the fullest, he is highly engaging, motivational and inspirational as he blends insights with practical application. Dio teaches and challenges his audiences, inviting them to consider what makes sense for them, their goals and their lifestyle.

He is particularly passionate about supporting young baseball athletes in being able to go professional, as well as the needs of the Latino population – Dio is known as ‘The Voice of Hispanic Holistic Health’.

Some of Dio’s most popular speaking topics include:

  • – Three Ways To Access Your Inner Athlete For Peak Performance At Any Age
  • – Forget Going To The Gym To Get Healthy! Go In To Work Out
  • – Power Balance: An Integrated Approach To Extraordinary Health

If you would like to invite and host Dio to come to your local speaking event, please email or call to discuss the needs of your company, group or organization by going to the Request for Speaking page.

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