Special Population Training

Special Population Training – $110/hr

There may be times when you find yourself with a special situation like: asthma, arthritis, diabetes, low back pain, obesity, osteoporosis, hypertension, etc. Regardless of how these conditions come to be in a physical body, it can make working work out a challenge.

However, training your muscles and movements is still required for optimal fitness. Unfortunately, many personal trainers do not know how to adapt routines or provide support under such circumstances.

At Dio Fitness, you can improve your health and wellness with a personalized workout program. Together, we assess your current fitness levels – whatever they may be – and create a program that fits into your lifestyle and creates progress toward your goals.

On-going training sessions ensure that you are doing the right movements with the proper form to avoid potential injury. Additionally, these sessions are designed to support your motivation to keep you accountable to your desired goals.

Altogether, special population training focuses on improving your fitness in a way that meets your body where it is now and creates a path to greater wellness.

Note: An initial assessment and program introduction session are required prior to any work outs. Training sessions include 10 minutes of monitored stretching for cool down.

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