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“Walking is man’s best medicine.” ~ Hippocrates

Many people believe that there is a magical time of the year to begin a routine for better fitness. It might be at the new year, or after getting a tax refund or even on the first Monday of any given month. However, there is no day of the year that will do what we have not done for ourselves.

Most people do not set a goal to feel better and to be more vital without life giving them a sign that it’s time (like a disease condition or injury). So, while it’s great to hear those goals, and even better to hear people saying that they kept them, it’s actually the sense of accomplishment that comes from within that can be the most powerful motivator for personal fitness.

For me, working out is one of my favorite things to do – it keeps me in shape, relieves stress and I just feel better. Many people ask me about workouts, programs (which are not followed more often than not) and what to do for physical exertion. Ironically, without a strong inner foundation, the working out isn’t nearly as effective as people want to believe.

it’s not always about the working out…

In other words, it’s not always about the working out but, instead, about giving themselves time to work in their body in order to replenish their energy. And if you don’t believe in energy, just place your finger in the nearest electrical outlet and you will see for yourself that energy does exists. (I joke!)

Before going further, let me explain what I mean by “working in”. Working in exercises are movements such as: breathing exercises, Tai Chi, Qigong, praying, slow walking and walking meditations. These are movements that do not raise your heart rate, but instead give you the great benefit of looking and feeling younger.

One movement could be just getting into a squat position. Do not go to 90 degrees – just move a little like unlocking your knees, going down while breathing out, going up while breathing in. Match your breathing with your movement. Guess what? Do as many as you want and stop when you think it is right. In fact, stop reading and do it now – these exercises can be done at anytime and anywhere!

Children, especially those with the fancy label of ADD and ADHD or behavioral problems can benefit from these amazing exercises while calming themselves down. It’s also a great way to bond with your child while enjoying some slow fun.

Movements such as these can help when you feel tired, emotionally drained, improve digestion and help you unwind. The reason is that you are consciously bringing more energy into your body. And the slower you perform the movement, the more energy that will go into your body.

Zone exercises such as these can improve sleep/wake cycles, hormonal/physiological regulations, metabolism, calcium regulation, blood pressure, immune system, digestion, muscles, sexual functions, adrenal function, bone strength, as well as improving your sense of awareness, mental clarity and even athletic ability.

These movements are the answers for many who spend their lives in the gym exhausting their bodies and setting themselves up for failure based on the false belief the way to good health is based on proper form, tempo (speed of movements), repetitions and sets. This is exactly why trainers need to properly assess their clients and not guess about them. Each person has different requirements. And a little relaxation is good business for people with their trainers (and in life!).

To further maximize your results, choose to do these amazing movements outside surrounded by nature. If your heart rate goes up more than five beats with these movements, you’re working out and losing the key benefits of this type of work out. These are SLOW movements to escape your busy days and to help your mind to stay clear. In my experience, people who do only slow exercises lose weight – this is because adrenal fatigue holds them back from their goals and these movements do not add further stress to their adrenal glands.

Energy-building exercises are rarely seen in gyms, which rely on lots of sweat and beating people up as part of their sales pitch for ‘good’ fitness routines. Personally, I encourage you to challenge yourself to this treat and enjoy how you body feels. The feelings of strength not only come from pumping iron or following fancy diets, but to tuning you with your body and allowing energy to flow to and through you.

Become an expert on yourself and do what feels good for peak performance – from the inside out.

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The author, Migdoel “DIO” Miranda, B.S., CMT of Dio Fitness, is an authority on optimizing peak performance at any age through accessing one’s inner athlete, metabolic nutrition and personalized training routines. He works with amateur and professional competitive athletes, celebrities and health-conscious people who desire to enjoy life more through healthy commitments. Dio believes that getting out of the gym is a key to life-long fitness. Visit his website at .

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Stitt, Paul. Beating the Food Giants, 1982also available as an ebook.
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