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“Power Balance: The Missing Link for Speakers and other Travelling Professionals”

I work with executives and other self-motivated people who have come to appreciate that when their body functions optimally in what I call the ‘Power Balance’ – this is when their ability to touch and influence increases.

With the proper Power Balance, these people on the go also gain in their ability to withstand the rigors of travel, the immune suppression that goes with it and the demands of interacting with so many different people.

This health and vitality increase doesn’t happen by engaging in the confusion of the “trying diets syndrome”, but through a unique approach that consists of personalized energy diet, resting and fitness based on body type.

With this kind of focused approach, you too will discover that getting the right fuel for your body is like putting the right gasoline in your car. Any little hesitations, bumps or grinds erase when you eat what is metabolically appropriate for you.

When I first started out as a fitness trainer, I ate a lot of salad. After all salad is good for you, right? I also ate raw vegetables and lots of seeds. All excellent quality “Health Food”, but my energy kept draining and I felt weaker.

Finally I said, “Enough with the dogma”! I began experimenting with how a variety of whole and natural food felt when I ate it. That was when I realized that ‘natural’ does not mean good.

So, as a travelling speaker or conference attendee, when you are out on the road, do you try to eat “healthy” foods? Of course, it’s good for anyone to avoid sugar, soda and chips. But beyond that, do you really know if you should eat lean meats, fatty meat or no meat, cooked or raw vegetables, brown rice or no grains for your body?

Answering these questions will put you in the driver’s seat of your own body. In fact, understanding what you need to eat and when, is like going to the right mechanic to fix your car. They understand the problem and correct it.

I challenge you to begin to keep a diary of how you feel after you eat. Learn to discern if the food you are giving yourself gives you energy or drains it regardless of whether this food is labeled “healthy” or not. Begin by determining if you need meat or not, then decide if you need heavier more saturated meats or more lean cuts.

The next leg of Power Balance is the resting period. The resting period is, in my opinion, the most valuable piece in training and in any other activity that requires our attention. The body needs its rest between workouts, sets and exercise. Above all, resting at night helps us grow and regenerate so we can do and be the best our next day.

Yet, how many of us deeply rest? As a speaker, your normal rhythms are sacrificed by travel and alternatives to getting your usual night’s sleep need to be cultivated. Do you train to catnap? Can you practice a relaxation so deep on a plane or car that you rejuvenate in 20 minutes or so? Through training and observation you can become a “reflexive rester”. This will allow you to charge your battery so completely that speaking in front of large groups or grueling travel schedules won’t drain you.

Rest also means resting from stressing out about your life. A businessman named John Ramirez came to me in desperation. I had no doubt that I could help him with his stress level, nutrition and corrective exercises to make his hips function optimally. He had many trainers in the past and from them he had received despicable comments about his looks and even the way he ran. No one had seen the beauty of a human being looking for real help.


I introduced John to my unique approach of Power Balance. After a few months of training and reminding him to breathe and to think positively among others, his body took a quantum leap to health and vitality. His ideas regenerated and his traveling got easier and he felt better than ever. The man was in need of communicating to someone his heart, his needs – he wasn’t looking to get beat up physically by a training regimen. Instead, he needed acceptance and rest from the relentless judgment and perfectionism of many physical trainers.

The third pillar of Power Balance is working out. To give your body type the specific fitness best for it will result in making you more healthy, happy and wealthy. You should not feel that your exercise program takes more energy than it gives, but that’s just the beginning of proper fitness. With the right fitness approach, you do not have to give in to the restrictions of old injuries, arthritis or even handicaps.

As a professional speaker, honesty plays a big role in your life. It’s what makes your audience trust you and learn from you. There is a grand honesty and integrity in being the best you can be in all areas of life. Realize that when you decide the diet and exercise police know what’s right for your body you are only getting half a story at best.

As for me, I believe we are all athletes and need to train for competition. In this case, the competition is every minute of your life and how you represent it on stage. A runner trains weeks and months for an event that will only last seconds. Where is your training for life? You need only get interested and your answers will fall into place.

“You must have long range goals to keep you from being frustrated by short- term failures.”

~ Charles C. Noble



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The author, Migdoel “DIO” Miranda, B.S., CMT of Dio Fitness, is an authority on optimizing peak performance at any age through accessing one’s inner athlete, metabolic nutrition and personalized training routines. He works with amateur and professional competitive athletes, celebrities and health-conscious people who desire to enjoy life more through healthy commitments. Dio believes that getting out of the gym is a key to life-long fitness. Visit his website at www.diofitness.com .


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