Why DioFitness Works


Many people think that having the time to avoid junk food and exercise just naturally happens – and that’s a myth.

Instead, know that you can’t ‘manage’ time – but you can manage the activities you choose and where you put your focus in life.

For any program or routine to support you in your fitness, it must be tailored to your metabolism and your lifestyle.

At Dio Fitness, you will experience going beyond the standard / generic approaches of weight training, increasing aerobic capacity and developing agility. For example, for your “work out”, you will receive:

Strength development in action so you look graceful and feel good when you move.

Strength in action is crucial but rarely taught.

If you’ve ever worked out hard at the gym only to throw out your back pitching a ball to your child, you’ll understand. It is real-life integrated exercise that creates sleek and strong bodies. Making it fun makes it easier to do and more likely that you’ll do it naturally – and that’s the goal of Dio Fitness in our work together.

Dio Fitness also provides you with the methods to:

How to understand the messages your body is giving you for your peak performance

In other words, your ‘inner athlete’ – your mindset, habits, emotional state and perceptions – will have a significant effect on your fitness and ability to physically perform.

By helping you to ‘communicate’ with your body more effectively, with the proper knowledge and training to make healthy choices, you can achieve your fitness goals for peak performance at any age.

“I don’t promote any standard “healthy food diet”. I know from clinical experience that “one man’s food is another man’s poison” and my clients make sense of inconsistencies in food recommendations by finding out what works for them. I use an in-depth analysis of several measurements to determine your metabolic type and fit you with the best foods and supplements.

That means you will not have to fit into a cookie cutter approach and hope for the best. You will enjoy what you eat because you will feel the benefits almost immediately.

Most of all, I help my clients find their zest for life – what motivates them, what makes food, exercise, work and play mean something. That’s why I only work with four clients a day. If you have ever felt a trainer at a gym or at your home be disinterested or tired, it is because of high burnout in this profession. My commitment is to achieving peace and balance in my own life so that I can bring it to you.”

~ Dio Miranda



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